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    This is the story I'm writing that I will donate at least 5% or 10% of the profit to Wolf Haven and other wolf protection groups. 

 I would post part of the story, but Tripod won't save it. This is my Prologue...

     I had a normal life. Key word “had”.  I had wonderful neighbors.  You know, the old grandma who brings you chocolate chip cookies everyday and tells you how you remind her of her own daughter.  Yep, that’s the one.  As for my dogs, they were two obedient Pomeranians named Cassy and Charlie that were semi-house trained.  Trust me, semi is an understatement.  My dream house was a large city townhouse where everything is just a few blocks away.  Everything was a stainless steel appliance or an amazing piece of work. I would only accept the best, which I always got including that masterpiece of living.   Back then I was a snooty, stuck up chick who took everything for granted.  I only cared about me, myself, and I.   I thought it couldn’t get better.  I mean, I practically had a husband who was my servant.  He did my bidding at my command.  I thought that was what I was looking for.  Boy was I off.  When that lightening struck on that warm autumn day, I found out what I’d been missing.  Friends.  Family.  Adventure.  And the best of all.  True love….


Jazzmin Baker is the main character and the story is told in her point of view.  She meets a man named Jake Carlson, a doctor, and goes on a life changing journey with him and her new best friend, Brittany Johnson and her dog, Emma.  It's gonna be an action-love story kinda thing.  I'm hoping to write about 3 or 4 books.  Time Travel, and Space Bending are involved in this book.