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    There are many, MANY wolf species in the world.  I will try to cover as many as i possibly can.  Click the links below to find out more of each wolf.  I suggest you have plenty of time on your hands, for you may be here a while if you are going to read everything...


 Alaskan Tundra Wolf                                              Mexican Wolf                                               Arabian Wolf

 Alexander Archipelago Wolf                                  Mogollan Mountain Wolf                            Indian Wolf

 Arctic Wolf                                                                 Newfoundland Wolf                                   Maned Wolf

 Baffin Island Wolf                                                    Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf                

 Bernard's Wolf                                                         Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf              

 British Columbia Wolf                                             Texas Gray Wolf                                        

 Cascade Mountain Wolf                                         Vancouver Island Wolf

 Dire Wolf                                                                    Red Wolf

 Eastern Timber Wolf                                               Hokkanido Wolf

 Great Plains Wolf                                                     Honshu Wolf                                                   

 Grey Wolf                                                                   Iberian Wolf

 Husdon Bay Wolf                                                     Iranian Wolf

 Interior Alaskan Wolf                                               Italian Wolf

 Kenai Peninsula  Wolf                                            Steppe Wolf

 Labrador Wolf                                                           Tibetan Wolf

 Mackenzie Tundra Wolf                                           Tundra Wolf

 Mackenzie Valley Wolf                                             Egyptian Wolf

 Manitoba Wolf                                                           Ethiopian Wolf




    The wolf is a majestic creature.  It can live in extreme places in the world.   They travel in packs.  Their packs are made up of an Alpha male and Alpha female.  They are the leaders of the pack (Mom and Dad).  Then, there are the Betas.  One female and one male.  They are like the vise presidents of the pack.  Then come the Gammas.  They are the third in charge.  Then come the regular wolves which are the kids that the Alphas' had.  Then the Omega is the lowest ranking of the pack.  They are usually picked upon by other wolves and are the last to eat.  As the pups grow up they leave to start a pack of their own and the Alphas' have more pups.  Each year they have pups to add to the strengh of the pack.  The pups that left (dispersal wolves) travel to find a mate.  They may travel as far as 500 miles to find a mate.  Once they found one, they will find a place to call their own, their territory.  This pair will mark their territory.  If they are lucky, their den will be close to a water source and a herd of elk or some animal.  When the time comes, they will have their own pups.  The pups will live in the den for the first couple of weeks.  They are born blind and deaf, thus, they are completely dependant on their mother.  While the mother stays in the den wilth the pups, the father will hunt for food for the mother.  Once the pups are able to go outside, the Alphas' will have to keep a close eye on them.  The parents will feed the pups food they previously ate (you know what I mean).  As winter creaps in, the pack will have to move to their winter spot.  The pups might not make the journey.  The ones who survive the trek will grow up strong (most likely) and start a pack of their own.  This is the way of the wolf.