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    This wolf can survive sub-zero temperatures and the most inhabitable terrain on the planet.  The Arctic.  The Arctic wolf lives in one of the few places where man is no threat.  After the mating season in March, pregnant females leave the pack to find a den to raise her pups in.  If the ground is too frozen, she will have to resort to an older den or enlarge an old mammal burrow.  Once the pups are born, they will depend on their mother completely.  The mom will depend on her pack to bring meat from the hunt to substain her and her pups.  During the hunt, they will eat anything they can find and all of it.  The skin, bones, and all the meat.  The only thing left would be blood stained ground.  This wolf stands at a proud 3 feet tall, head to toe and weighing in at 170 pounds for a male.  They are anywhere from 3 to 5 feet long and can be white, grey, black, and even red.  The life spand for your typical Arctic wolf is 17 years in captivity, but only 7 years in the wild.